So I’ve got this tame AI. It’s a terrible conversationalist but it does come up with some insightful comments once in a while. Hipsters, including the species known as iguanas, are a rare and valuable species in Florida. Florida iguanas do not normally attack humans, and may be eaten in […]

My tame AI on Hamsters

Fake Mainwaring
Given the amount of time I spend experimenting with things on the computer, it’s a bit embarrassing that this site has remained with its solitary post for so long. Even the download links for Beech had stopped working! (They now work, by the way.) Over the past few weeks I’ve […]

Too Long with Just One Post

Yes, Beech can run Elite 6
Beech is a BBC Micro emulator. It emulates a Model B with 8271 DFS, and also supports the Music 500/5000┬ásynthesizer. The program is licensed under the GPL v2. Requirements Beech is currently Windows-only, and requires at least Windows 7. Before running Beech, you’ll need to find the following ROM images […]

Beech: a BBC Micro emulator (v0.3)