Too Long with Just One Post

Given the amount of time I spend experimenting with things on the computer, it’s a bit embarrassing that this site has remained with its solitary post for so long. Even the download links for Beech had stopped working! (They now work, by the way.)

Over the past few weeks I’ve realised that many of the programs I write get lost and forgotten in the depths of my hard drive, and that’s a bit of a pity. I’m often inspired by reading about what other people have come up with, so I want to start putting more things on here.

It’ll be a mixture of old and new, and fairly eclectic. Not just emulators and retro by any means – although I have also written a Spectrum emulator, Specs, which should get on here at some point. I don’t even want to limit it to just programming. We’ll see what comes up.

DCGAN takes on the Good Life

DCGAN takes on The Good Life

In the meantime I’m training a DCGAN on the frames from an episode of The Good Life. (Can you guess which one?) It’s still a bit of a mess but a couple of frames are starting to look a little like the Goods’ kitchen.

Fake Mainwaring

A fake Mainwaring

Previously I’d trained one on a scene from Dad’s Army and ended up with some quite convincing fake Mainwarings.

Quite what the ultimate aim of all this is, I’m not sure.

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